That is how many days I have left until I go to Germany! yay!

That is also how many days I have left to lose weight. I've currently lost a little over 15 lbs but I am kind of stuck on doing bad and not working out like I should be. I was watching "I Used To Be Fat" tonight on MTV and it's has me inspired. So, I've made my very own countdown chart and will be hanging it on my wall until I find nails big enough to hang 82 sheets of paper.

I WILL be skinny by the time I leave for Germany and I WILL look good. Bye bye bad food, hello healthy crap. I can eat all the Weinerschnitzel I want when I get to Germany!

Pray for me! :)

On a mission for God,

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  1. good luck gurliie! definitely b prayin for ya! :)