Bags Vs. Sacks

So here's the facts:

This is a bag:

and this is a sack:

I don't understand why customers at work act confused when I ask them if they want a sack for the 1 item they're buying and then proceed to say, "Do you mean a Bag?"

No, I mean a sack - they are free. You have to buy the bags!

What do you think?



Running Towards the Sunset

So, I ended up not going to work tonight and I decided around 7:30 to go get me some ice cream. When I walked outside - I noticed a beautiful sunset. Sunsets always seem to get to me. In museums, we see extravagant paintings by famous artists like Picasso, but how often do we stop to take a glimpse at the many beautiful paintings God creates for us each and every day? To me, sunsets are the most beautiful thing. The different colors that are spread across the sky and the way God puts them together amazes me.

So, on my way to get ice cream tonight - I decided I wanted to capture the sunset with my camera. Since I was already on the road - I had to race back to my apartment to get my camera so I could take these pictures. After getting my camera - I made a mad dash towards the sunset. I probably drove 3 or 4 miles to get closer to it. Some of these pictures are really bad because I was taking them while I was driving and we all know that doesn't work - but my favorite one is the last one.

God is such an amazing artist. When was the last time you stopped to admire His work?



Just A Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right

So, the other day, I didn't talk to my parents all day long except for a few texts to my mom and a short call to my dad. For those who know me pretty well, know how attached I am to my parents and how important family is to me and how often I talk to them everyday. Well, after realizing I hadn't talked to them all day, I sort of became sad. Then it hit me:

How come I don't become sad when I don't talk to my Heavenly Father daily or even twice a day or even more? After all, I should crave to talk to God.

You see, that's something I have struggled with lately is my prayer life. I mean I'll pray when I'm in a situation that scares me and just ask God to protect me or help me through it - but how come I can't pray for those who really need it?

I need to make prayer an essential part to my everyday life. Who's with me?

How's your prayer life?



Getting Friendly --> Kathryn

Meet Kathryn.
and her dog, Sullivan.

Kathryn is super dooper awesome. I figured it was only fair that she be my first "Getting Friendly" spotlight, because I spend the majority of my time with her!

So in this segment, I figured I should just tell what I love about the friend I am referring too and run with it. So here goes:

As you can tell from this picture, Katy (she hates when I call her that) is super goofy. Literally every time we hang out, it's a laugh fest! And like I said we hang out a lot, so I'm constantly laughing! Kathryn and I share similar majors (she - Early Childhood Ed. me - Elementary Ed.)  so we are in a lot of classes together! We also study together and go to the gym together. Like I stated before, we are always together! Kathryn is one heck of a person. She has a great relationship with Christ and actually cares about what I have to say half the time.

She is also very random; but it's that kinda random that it's funny and you pee your pants because your laughing so hard! (Disclaimer: I've never actually peed my pants, it's just an analogy.)

She also lifts me up when I'm having confidence issues -- or when I'm trying my hardest to eat healthy, she just says "Hey, let's grab a box of pizza." We usually do!

So there's my first one! My creative writing will get better, I promise!


Good day!

No, I have not had a nap today even though I literally have one every day. I'm like a 2 year old. Regardless, of not getting my "nap time" in. I have had a pretty awesome day. It hasn't been very out of the ordinary, but I did get to start something new. Today was the day that I started my field experience. I am super excited about this opportunity. I'll admit, I was kind of dreading it, but once I went and met the teacher and the kiddos I will be working with for the next few weeks, I loved it! I'm helping out with Mrs. Quisenberry's class and let me say, she is awesome! She is somewhat old school when it comes to her teaching, but she is an excellent teacher and the little 3rd graders are too cute! It's making me realize how much I really do want to be a teacher and definitely reassuring me in my major! Thanks God!


New Blog Segment

So, I've decided to feature a new segment on my blog. It's going to cover friends. Each week, I'll spotlight a friend of mine, simply to show how God has blessed me with this person. Why a "friend" segment you ask? In the Wednesday night college Bible class that I attend, the topic we are covering is friendships, relationships, etc. I've realized recently that God has blessed me with some truly amazing friends that help me through everything. We'll call this segment "Getting Friendly". Corny, I know. :) I may change the title later. :)

Keep an eye out, you may be the next friend to be talked about. :)



Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2001. Where were you? How old were you? What do you remember about it?

It's crazy to think that it's been 10 years since terrorists tried to break what it meant to have Freedom. Today, I watched the live footage from that day. I needed a good reminder seeing as how I was only 10 when it happened and I don't remember much. Watching the live footage from that day and seeing those buildings fall like they did, is such a horrific scene. Although terrorists tried to destroy our America, they did not succeed. I almost feel like we, as Americans, became a tighter unit. We have American pride that is stronger that ever.



Fantastic Weekend!

So, this was my first weekend to go home since school started and work started. I was very hopeful that the weekend wouldn't be a bore and I would be able to spend quality time with my family. It was a fantastic weekend.

Mom took me out to eat and get pedicures! It was so great to spend time with her.
Mom made a feast that night for dinner - Enchilada Bake (one of my favorites), nachos and cake!
That night, we had a bunch of family over and I got to spend the evening with them.

I started feeling ill during church but luckily sweet Alpha Hall noticed and gave me some medicine. However, this medicine made me groggy so mom kindly took notes for me.
After church I tried to take a nap to shake the grogginess, but I was happily awakened my mom's cousin (my cousin) Misty. She lives 8 hours away and we don't get to see her very often, so I was delighted to see her - she always brings out the funny in me. ;)
After Misty and her son Thomas left - I went back upstairs to try to rest up before church that night and shake the grogginess. I did get to sleep for about an hour.
Before trying to go to church, I convinced my aunt and uncle to let me steal their precious daughter, Nataliee, for a little while. But, before I could go get her, my other aunt and uncle dropped by and we visited with them, and missed evening services but I still got to spend time with my beautiful Nataliee.
Later that night - Mom was kind enough to die my hair and trim it for me! After all that was said and done and Mom, Dad, Dylan & I laid around the living room and watched several movies together.

And as for today - I woke up and drove to Edmond so I could work.

I would say this weekend turned out incredible. I was able to spend time with my family and get pampered by my mother.

Thank you GOD for a wonderful weekend with the people I love so much!

How was your weekend?