Just A Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right

So, the other day, I didn't talk to my parents all day long except for a few texts to my mom and a short call to my dad. For those who know me pretty well, know how attached I am to my parents and how important family is to me and how often I talk to them everyday. Well, after realizing I hadn't talked to them all day, I sort of became sad. Then it hit me:

How come I don't become sad when I don't talk to my Heavenly Father daily or even twice a day or even more? After all, I should crave to talk to God.

You see, that's something I have struggled with lately is my prayer life. I mean I'll pray when I'm in a situation that scares me and just ask God to protect me or help me through it - but how come I can't pray for those who really need it?

I need to make prayer an essential part to my everyday life. Who's with me?

How's your prayer life?


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