Running Towards the Sunset

So, I ended up not going to work tonight and I decided around 7:30 to go get me some ice cream. When I walked outside - I noticed a beautiful sunset. Sunsets always seem to get to me. In museums, we see extravagant paintings by famous artists like Picasso, but how often do we stop to take a glimpse at the many beautiful paintings God creates for us each and every day? To me, sunsets are the most beautiful thing. The different colors that are spread across the sky and the way God puts them together amazes me.

So, on my way to get ice cream tonight - I decided I wanted to capture the sunset with my camera. Since I was already on the road - I had to race back to my apartment to get my camera so I could take these pictures. After getting my camera - I made a mad dash towards the sunset. I probably drove 3 or 4 miles to get closer to it. Some of these pictures are really bad because I was taking them while I was driving and we all know that doesn't work - but my favorite one is the last one.

God is such an amazing artist. When was the last time you stopped to admire His work?



  1. love love love... hope you are feeling better