Where do I begin?

Hello fellow bloggers,
Long time no see.
Let’s see where do I begin? So much has happened in the last several months. I’ve lost touch with friends, gain new best friends, discovered new things about myself (good and bad) and been completely torn. I would love to say that these last few months have been absolutely splendid and that nothing has gone wrong, but I’d be lying. Don’t get me wrong, these last few months haven’t exactly sucked, but they’ve been tough. For my friends/family who may be reading this, you’re probably thinking what’s been so tough about them? You seem happy. Truth is, I am. I’m very happy. However, there are certain things that have been weighing heavy on my mind. Decisions I’m making/made, choices I’m making/made, and so on.
Now we all know that I, Cherish, am obsessed with love and the idea of it. We also know that I haven’t been kissed and am of 21 years of age. Let’s correct that. I have been. Whooo hooo! Finally…but there is no prospective boyfriend in my near future that I know of.
I changed my major. I’m think I’m finally happy with what I’ve chosen. Education just wasn’t my route and I’m glad I woke up to that before it was too late. Okay, let’s cut the suspense. Ha. I changed my major to Mass Communications – Advertising. For those who know me know I love the creative aspect of things. I also really like my internship that I hold right now. My goal was to pick a degree that was somewhat related to my internship but that was too straight and narrow.
Here’s what my summer looks like so far and I couldn’t be more excited for it to get here:
May – Moving in with my best friend, Virginia.
            Several close friend’s high school graduations.
            Trip to Houston area for cousin’s high school graduation.
June – LU-JO! Oh, how I have missed it. So very very much.
July – Possible trip to North Carolina for a week with best friend.

Well, that is all I have for now. Please pray for me as I’m making some decisions and choices.

God Bless!


Kony 2012

Yes, this video has gone around Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc. But don't you think because of how much it has gone around, it's important? If you haven't watched this yet, take 30 minutes of your life and do it. I just did. I don't regret it. If anything, I want to join the movement. There's been talk about how everyone is all for this now and how people are motivated to do something about it. I don't see why people are hating on it! It's a good thing! If this was happening in America right now, you'd be doing everything you could do about it, wouldn't you? These children that are having to go through this are children of God, just like you and me. Just because they are in another country doesn't make the cause different. If our corrupted government has gotten involved when they said they wouldn't, don't you think you should to? You aren't being asked to go fight for it in Uganda. You're being asked to share this video, "purchase" the action kit, be part of history. If Joseph Kony is stopped, imagine the history that will take place, not only in Uganda but all over the world. That history can start with you! Give up 30 minutes of Facebook creeping and watch this. It's important and it's the right thing to do. 

In Christ,