Hey All,
Sorry it's been so long since I've blogged. School is officially underway. I currently do not have internet in my apartment (still working on that) so that is why it's been a while. I'm currently sitting in Chambers Library at UCO in the computer lab typing this. Let's hope I don't get caught. Let me catch you up briefly on what's happened this month - August.

1.) I moved back to Edmond to my quaint little apartment that is equipped with fire place.
2.) I started my job at Michaels and I'm loving it!
3.) I started my "Junior" year of college - bring on the stress.
4.) I've been reunited with all of my friends and it's so nice to get back into a routine again!

How has your month been?

Peace -


Busy Weekend

So, I moved into my new apartment on Sunday. (If you want a glimpse of it - there are pictures on my facebook.) It's cute - but I'm already starting to feel the burden of the expenses and I'm not even paying for my apartment!! My parents are! Point being, I hate feeling like I am putting a huge load on my parents. It's not fair to them. I'm almost 21 years old and I can't even fend for myself (financially). Any one have any money saving tips for me? I'd appreciate them.



It just hit me - I'm moving back to Edmond tomorrow!! While I'm excited to see my friends, start my new job and see my friends, I'm so sad to be leaving my wonderful family. In case you didn't know - family means EVERYTHING to me. I am a Momma's Girl and a Daddy's Girl. I'm so close to my family and I'm so sad to be leaving. Hopefully, my new job will let me be off every other weekend and I can come home and see them often. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about leaving. I'm a big baby, I know. But with this realization today, I came to the conclusion. I am more than likely made to marry a nice Christian country boy. I'm made to live in Ryan or near Ryan for the rest of my life and I am more than content with that. I'm okay with a simple life. I don't need an over abundance of money or fancy things. I'm your simple down home country girl. I'm not saying I'm looking for my "CCB" (Christian Country Boy) right now, but I know I'll have to have him one day. I'm facing the same thing as my friend Taryn right now. Check out her latest blog post. It's an eye opener. :)




Wanna know what I did yesterday? I "Nanny-mopped". What is "Nanny-mopping" you ask? Well, it is a technique used to clean floors. Why is this so important to blog about? Because it is named after my wonderful grandmother. Many of you probably know who my grandmother was.

If not, this is her in her prime.

The term "Nanny-mopping" comes from her. Here's the definition:
-using a wet and/or soapy towel to take spills/stains off a floor that is tile, wood, or another hard surface.
Now that I've introduced this term - let me tell you a little bit about my grandmother - My Nanny.
My Nanny was one of the greatest women I ever knew. She truly was a woman after God's own heart and tried her best to live for him. She is truly one of my role-models in how a Christian woman should be.
She truly put God first, Family Second, Others Third, Herself Last. She was there for me whenever I needed a confidant (or when I couldn't tell my Mom things.). She passed away way too soon, but she will forever live on in my heart.

Rev. 21:1-4 (Her favorite verse.)



Oh My.

I'm in disbelief. I'm starting my 3rd year of college in a week and a half. This so unreal. It's seems like just yesterday I was graduating high school. Ay yi yi.


Without a home?

Meet Dan. Dan is homeless. Dan wasn't always a homeless man living on the streets. He used to be a VP for a major firm in New York. He had a wife, 3 kids, and a dog named Scruffy. Dan also had a huge house and several nice cars. One day, Dan's world came crashing down. The major firm he worked for went bankrupt and Dan was one of the first people to be laid off. Dan didn't lose everything he loved right away - it took several months for his house to be foreclosed on and his cars to be repossessed. After those were gone, so were his wife and kids. Dan was left to live a life out on the streets and receive disgusted looks from passer-by's in New York. How would you react to Dan if you saw him or someone like him? Would you roll your eyes and keep walking or stop and give him money not knowing if it was going to get him beer or food?
I think that question is something we'd all have a hard time truly answering because by the outward appearance of that man, he doesn't look trustworthy. But Dan was actually a devout member of a church in NYC and didn't wreck his life by using drugs or alcohol, he simply lost his job and all else followed.

"Let brotherly love continue. Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." - Hebrews 13:1-2

This passage really inspired me and got me to thinking. What if a homeless person is an angel? God tells us in this passage that someone we meet very well could be. Why not treat everyone we meet with respect and do our best to help them with whatever needed?
The man I spoke about was not a real man - I made all that up. However, there more than likely is someone like him out there.

What do you think?