It just hit me - I'm moving back to Edmond tomorrow!! While I'm excited to see my friends, start my new job and see my friends, I'm so sad to be leaving my wonderful family. In case you didn't know - family means EVERYTHING to me. I am a Momma's Girl and a Daddy's Girl. I'm so close to my family and I'm so sad to be leaving. Hopefully, my new job will let me be off every other weekend and I can come home and see them often. I'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about leaving. I'm a big baby, I know. But with this realization today, I came to the conclusion. I am more than likely made to marry a nice Christian country boy. I'm made to live in Ryan or near Ryan for the rest of my life and I am more than content with that. I'm okay with a simple life. I don't need an over abundance of money or fancy things. I'm your simple down home country girl. I'm not saying I'm looking for my "CCB" (Christian Country Boy) right now, but I know I'll have to have him one day. I'm facing the same thing as my friend Taryn right now. Check out her latest blog post. It's an eye opener. :)



  1. Love CCB and thanks for the shout out... if you ever need a big hug or a home cooked meal... give me a ring!! :D Ready for you to be here!!

  2. You're such a great friend Taryn. :) I'm so excited to see you and get your decorating sense on my apartment. :)