Wanna know what I did yesterday? I "Nanny-mopped". What is "Nanny-mopping" you ask? Well, it is a technique used to clean floors. Why is this so important to blog about? Because it is named after my wonderful grandmother. Many of you probably know who my grandmother was.

If not, this is her in her prime.

The term "Nanny-mopping" comes from her. Here's the definition:
-using a wet and/or soapy towel to take spills/stains off a floor that is tile, wood, or another hard surface.
Now that I've introduced this term - let me tell you a little bit about my grandmother - My Nanny.
My Nanny was one of the greatest women I ever knew. She truly was a woman after God's own heart and tried her best to live for him. She is truly one of my role-models in how a Christian woman should be.
She truly put God first, Family Second, Others Third, Herself Last. She was there for me whenever I needed a confidant (or when I couldn't tell my Mom things.). She passed away way too soon, but she will forever live on in my heart.

Rev. 21:1-4 (Her favorite verse.)



  1. Your Nanny sounds like a wonderful person! Every time you talk about her, it reminds me of you! I can tell your Nanny has helped in making you the person you are today! You are precious and I know you carry your Nanny's spirit of life in your heart! I love you!

  2. *tear* Thank Taryn. That means so much to hear that. I love you too!