Getting Friendly --> Kathryn

Meet Kathryn.
and her dog, Sullivan.

Kathryn is super dooper awesome. I figured it was only fair that she be my first "Getting Friendly" spotlight, because I spend the majority of my time with her!

So in this segment, I figured I should just tell what I love about the friend I am referring too and run with it. So here goes:

As you can tell from this picture, Katy (she hates when I call her that) is super goofy. Literally every time we hang out, it's a laugh fest! And like I said we hang out a lot, so I'm constantly laughing! Kathryn and I share similar majors (she - Early Childhood Ed. me - Elementary Ed.)  so we are in a lot of classes together! We also study together and go to the gym together. Like I stated before, we are always together! Kathryn is one heck of a person. She has a great relationship with Christ and actually cares about what I have to say half the time.

She is also very random; but it's that kinda random that it's funny and you pee your pants because your laughing so hard! (Disclaimer: I've never actually peed my pants, it's just an analogy.)

She also lifts me up when I'm having confidence issues -- or when I'm trying my hardest to eat healthy, she just says "Hey, let's grab a box of pizza." We usually do!

So there's my first one! My creative writing will get better, I promise!


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