Good day!

No, I have not had a nap today even though I literally have one every day. I'm like a 2 year old. Regardless, of not getting my "nap time" in. I have had a pretty awesome day. It hasn't been very out of the ordinary, but I did get to start something new. Today was the day that I started my field experience. I am super excited about this opportunity. I'll admit, I was kind of dreading it, but once I went and met the teacher and the kiddos I will be working with for the next few weeks, I loved it! I'm helping out with Mrs. Quisenberry's class and let me say, she is awesome! She is somewhat old school when it comes to her teaching, but she is an excellent teacher and the little 3rd graders are too cute! It's making me realize how much I really do want to be a teacher and definitely reassuring me in my major! Thanks God!

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