Valentines Day

-stole this from an e-mail at work. So so true. :)

A special guy, romantic dinners, moonlight walks, carriage rides.....ahh, falling in love. Its wonderful. Even more special is when he sends a card or note with his loving thoughts written inside. You read it often, imagining his voice and seeing the love in his eyes. Treasured love letters are bundled together and tied with ribbon or kept in a special box. They are a record of your growing love for one another.

God has sent you love letters, too. His Word, the Bible, is filled with descriptions of His love for you. It tells of His sacrifices for you, His plans for you, His hopes for you. It describes what He has already done for you and His other loved ones.

The words of Scripture affirm His unfailing, eternal commitment to you. He loves you and He wants you to know that. Read His Word as if it were a love letter. You'll be overwhelmed with the extravagance of His love for you.

On a mission for God,

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