Why hello Spring Semester...

Well, Spring Semester 2011 is officially in full swing. I have been to all my classes but one. Tomorrow I get to meet my professor for Technology for Teachers. I have to say that I am really excited about this semester and what it holds for me, or should I say, what God holds for me. My classes are as follows: Structures of Math (so we can teach our little kiddies how to figure out a problem.), History Since 1877 (University requirement.), Walking Fitness (also a University requirement.), Technology for Teachers (to learn how to use technology in the teaching world.), Fundamentals of Literature (I have no idea why.), and Earth Science (my professor is awesome.). I am super excited to finally be on my major classes and getting into them. I cannot wait to start student teaching, although I still like a couple of years.

If you're in college, how's your semester going so far?

In Him,

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