Shedding the l-b's.

Why hello there followers! :)
So, recently I began on a new journey to lose a pretty big amount of weight. I started last week and so far it's going pretty good. I've lost 9 lbs. You may be wondering how I am doing this... Well, it's not from diet pills or starvation. I am on a healthy diet and working out like crazy, 6 days a week.
Here's what I can eat on this diet:
Chicken, fish, chicken, fish.
Vegetables, fruit, vegetables, fruit.
I can only drink water or diet green tea.
You would think it would be so hard, but it's soo easy. I'm eating such good food.
So, I will be keeping you updated on my progress.
In Him,

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  1. OMGosh, I've finally figured out how to become a follower. I've tried several times from my blog, but somehow end up following my own...again!

    Sooo, how do you make your blog this cute? I'm still learning how.

    I can definitely relate to this blog about the weight....I'm trying to shed them daily, but then discovered the pioneer woman, and now i'm trying to shed her.