Oh, what a day!

Oh, what a day. Let me just begin by telling you of it.

7:30 AM - An very loud alarm starts sounding off. The reason why you ask? Because the water pipes in my apartment burst due to the weather. Yeah, you read that right. Water going everywhere in my roommate's room and in the living room. However, we did have a pretty cool waterfall on our balcony. All of us girls had to evacuate our apartment, but I had to grab my things for the day because I had class at 9 and I had to go somewhere to get ready. But wait, what do I see when I walk out my bedroom door? A HOT FIREMAN standing in my living room.  And what do I look like? CRAP! I literally had on no bra, pajama pants, rain boots and I had mascara running down my face from make-up from Wednesday.

8:00 AM - I realize I have class at 9. I call my best friend, Jacqui, and ask her if I can come get ready at her place because we have class together at 9. Of course, like the nice little lady she is, she lets me. I show up to her dorm to get ready, but what did I forget? I forgot a t-shirt, a hoodie, 1 shoe (I managed to grab one), and socks. Therefore, I went to class in a ratty old CAMP LU-JO t-shirt that I sleep in and the hoodie I had worn the previous day. BUT, Jacqui let me borrow a pair of her TOMS (luckily, we have the same shoe size), and some socks.

9:00 AM - 11:15 AM - CLASS

11:15 AM - I arrive back to my apartment just getting out of class and I realize that I only have 15 minutes until I have to be at work. I'm not going to call in just because the pipes burst, so I quickly do something with my hair and throw on a little make-up.

3:15 PM - I have class in 15 minutes, but I just got to my apartment from work and I still need to change for class. I rush.

3:30 PM - 7:15 PM - CLASS

8:00 PM - I went to STUMO with Jacqui and Jake (her boyfriend) to try it out. If you don't know what STUMO is; it is basically a place for all Christians to get together to sing to God and hear a lesson. It's non-denominational, so there are people from all faith's there.

9:15 PM - We get back from STUMO and proceed to start getting ready to work out.

9:45 PM - While getting ready to go to the gym, I hit myself in the eye with a headband (the stretchy kind). It hurt so bad.

10:00 PM - My eye finally looks decent enough to go work-out to where it doesn't look like I have pink eye so we manage to go work out.

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM - LONG WORKOUT - I burned 500 calories!

11:53 PM - I now sit here at the computer telling you of my long long day and waiting on my laundry to get done, but as I look back through the day I realize I have been in such a great mood all day long and all I have been able to think about is how great God is! Yes, today has been trying and very tiring, but even after the water spill, I still think things could of been worse, but God has given me another day to celebrate and love Him. I am so blessed by such an amazing and loving God.

How was your day?
In Him,

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  1. I absolutely loved this post... I can so easily get caught up in a long day and forget to be happy about having such an amazing and loving God. Great reminder that so many things can go wrong but nothing changes with the amount of love God has for us and how AWESOME he is!

    Love you girl!