The other day I was sitting around just thinking about my family and how blessed I am to have them.
Here's why:

My mom - She is my ROCK. My best friend and a wonderful example. I am so very thankful God blessed me with her. Truly an inspiration.

My dad - Someone I can count on. Works hard to support his family and loves me unconditionally. Very blessed as well.

My brother - The coolest guy you will ever meet or at least he thinks he is. :) He is a good example and is better than me in so many ways.

My grandpas - Two of the most wonderful men you will ever meet. They love their grandchildren like crazy and are always there for us.

My Uncles - Some of the craziest men. I am actually afraid to bring my future husband home to meet them one day. Not because they will be hounding him with questions (that's my dad's job) but because they are pretty weird. In a nice way of course. My boyfriend might now want me after meeting them. Only kidding. :)

My Aunts - All very different from eachother but in the same way similar. They will stand their ground for their family and won't take smack from anyone.

My Cousins - They are all completely different from eachother, but from each one of them I have a trust source and I know in most cases I can count on them.

I am so blessed! God is good.

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  1. well what about your two grandmas in heaven who are now your guardian angels? Also on the uncles the true test if you the guy is worth your time is if he can survive time with your family..... if he can't he is not worth having..... believe me the first time Uncle Charles met Jason. He said something not so polite and Aunt Margie came running across Aunt Bobbie's living room floor and almost took him out.. something we still laugh at today.