I am thankful for: NATALIEE

You may be wondering who Nataliee is. Let me tell you. Technically, Nataliee is my 2 year old cousin, but I like to call her my sister because I have so much love for this little girl. Nataliee was adopted into our family by my aunt and uncle a little over a year ago. For such a little girl, she is so full of life and has a HUGE personality.
Yesterday, she was with my mom for church and she kept asking my mom "Where is Nay-Nay"? (< That's what she calls me) and of course my mom would tell her I was at school. Mom told me about this so I asked to speak with her on the phone and then she proceeded to tell me "I love you Nay-Nay". It made my day!

Here is the beautiful little girl.

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