Okay, this blog isn't going to be one of something I am thankful for, because technically what I am about to write about is not something you would be thankful for in this sense.

It's just something I need to get off my chest.
PARENTS. No, I'm not having problems with mine. Our relationship couldn't be better. I'm talking about parents around me that I see how they spent their time raising their kids. In my opinion, there is line that needs to be drawn between best friend and a mom/dad. For instance, my mom is my best friend but there is a line where she is my mother & that comes before being my best friend, because her job is to BE A MOTHER. I'm not going to mention any names because that will just get things started and we don't want that. But I just need to let this out.

Like I stated before, a mother/father should be a mother/father to her/his children, not try to be a best friend and more importantly, a mother/father should not try to act like a teenager when she/he has a few teenagers of her/his own. I won't list the reasons why I am ranting about this but if you know me personally, you know why I am...

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