So, my Fall Break went more fabulous than I had originally planned.

I ended up getting to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX for FREE!
If you have ever been too or looked at going to Great Wolf Lodge, you know how expensive that place is and to be able to go for is amazing!
The reason I got to go is because of a lovely lady from my church who recieved free 8 tickets from her nephew who recieved them from teh CEO of Great Wolf Lodge. You may be wondering how he got to even meet the CEO, well let me tell you.

If any of you have watched Undercover Boss on CBS, you know what I am talking about. About a month ago Great Wolf Lodge was featured on Undercover Boss. (For those of you who haven't watched it, the shows plot is pretty cool. A CEO of a certain company goes to the companies sites and pretends to be just a regular employee. At the end they introduce themselves to the employees they worked side by side with during the show at the CEO.) Well my friend from high school works at Great Wolf Lodge and is the aquatic supervisor there. He was on the show (which is a pretty big deal for Ryan, OK) and at the end of the show the CEO actually told him that she would be paying for his flight school and he would get 8 free passes for his family for the park. Guess who got one of those passes? Muah. :)

It was an amazing time with amazing people and it was good to catch up with an old friend.

On another note, sitting in church tonight the first song we sang hit me pretty hard. I need to apply it to myself. "Let The Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In Me"

In Him,

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