So, today was basically a lazy day for me. I slept until 1 o'clock and didn't really get out of bed and start my day until 5. :) I'm a bum. But when my day did start I got very productive. I went for a swim with my family which made for very good exercise & I detailed my car. It's squeaky clean now. :)

On another note: While reading my book today, When God Writes Your Love Story, I came across a part of the book that kind of "hit home" for me that I wanted to share.

"Not only do those closest to us get under our skin and irritate us, but they also have the power to wound us in a way no one else can. If you came up to me and said, "Eric, you stink, you're ugly, and I hate you!" I would probably step back, blink a couple of times, and then say, "Well, uh, thanks for being so blunt!" I would go home and tell Leslie about what you said and probably even feel rejected as I recalled the episode. Then Leslie would tenderly wrap her arm around my shoulders and say, "Eric, that's ridiculous! That person was probably on drugs or something." (That line was probably one of my favorite parts. :)) Your words might sting for a little while and might cause me to dab on an extra puddle of cologne before I head out into public, but I would get over your words. Why? Because you're not my family. If my dad came up to me and said, "Eric, you stink, you're ugly, and I hate you!" I would be absolutely devastated. Any number of comforting words from Leslie wouldn't be able to bandage up the wound my dad's words would inflict on my heart and mind. Your words would hurt, but my dad's words would cripple. Because you would just be giving an opinion, but my dad is my definition of reality."

--You are probably wondering why I even bothered posting that, but if you stop and think about it. Everything your family does and says (good or bad) can have a huge impact on you; because that is who you run to at your lowest. It is the same way vice versa as well. Words can hurt.

On a brighter note, this little girl always makes my day every time I spend time with her: Meet Nataliee. My little cousin. She is one of the cutest little girls you will ever meet!! She is truly a blessing from God.

In Him,

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