Okay, so I have a somewhat odd confession to make that is totally off topic of this blog.

Are you ready for it??
I, Cherish Sheffield, am attracted to older men! ha! I'm not talking 3 or 4 years older than me; I'm talking mid to late 20's. Am I weird or is this just normal for a girl my age?? I really don't think it is a phase though. I just really like the maturity of older guys; maybe it's because I'm so mature (ha.). & I'm not talking about older guys who have been married and has a kid or two. I'm talking about older guys who have never been married and have lived their life for God. Does that make it less weird??

I've talked to several friends about this and they don't think it's soo weird; some even agreed with me. *Thank you roomie. :)

So, there is my lame confession.

Anywho, let me know what you think with a comment..ehhh..

In Him,

Listen to >> Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks (it's playing on my Pandora right now; yes, i'm lame)


  1. You are just precious and I love you. You've always been somewhat attracted to the older ones... Bah. ;]

  2. I love it, Cherish!! And I agree, there's nothing better than a mature guy that has a heart for God!! :D

  3. You're so funny! And I feel old :) When you said older, I was thinking like later 30's... then you said " mid to late 20's" and I'm way past that... so now I feel old! ha!
    Better to be attracted to the older guys that to be a Cougar, right?

  4. Kim- I have, haven't I?? I just can't help it. Maybe God has a plan for me there.

    Taryn- No there isn't. :)

    Suzanne- I didn't mean it like they were old. I think 70 is old. Not people in their 30's. You definitely aren't.