Love, Marriage, and a great blog.

As a 21 year old woman..no girl (woman sounds too grown up!), I often think about marriage and I might have even planned a little bit of my wedding day ( a miniscule amount) but what I see when I think about marriage is the outside of it. The exterior, if you will. I don't think about the interior of it. The hardships a married couple will have to go through as well as good times. I've always loved the idea of marriage and falling love but I think I'm just too picky ( my mom would argue and say I'm just to scared to date, hmph.). I was reading a post earlier on a blog I follow by a college minister at a church of Christ in Tulsa. The title had this word "love" in it so I was intrigued instantly. He talked about "synching" up with your spouse when you get married and the patience you have to have with them...
I'm not going to continue to talk about this blog because I don't want to down grade it any so you can read it by clicking HERE.

Let me know what you think. It's pretty good!

Keep the Faith,

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