Forgiveness? I got this!

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This past week at Lu-Jo one of the main topics were forgiveness and forgiving others. I think that is something that I struggle with the most. Forgiving someone. I'll say I forgive someone, but reality is, I usually still have that anger built up inside me and I build it up until I'm ready to explode and then it's all a mess from there. 
Lately, I've been with-holding forgiveness from someone who I didn't think deserved it. It made me nothing but angry inside and I started to become vengeful. Luckily, God & Lu-Jo stepped in just in time to show me that there was no reason to with-hold this forgiveness. I needed to FORGIVE & FORGET. It wasn't worth the emotional pain it was still causing me. This situation could be fixed and everyone else was trying to fix it but me. I guess you could say, I didn't want it to be fixed. I wanted to carry that anger, that burden and continue the stress. Why in the world would I want to do that and walk around miserable all the time pretending everything was okay? I still have no idea. 
The whole reason for the need of this forgiveness wasn't worth it for me. I deserve(d) something better. Finally, after much prayer, anticipation, and soul searching, I have FINALLY forgave this person. Life is better because of it. I'm not holding a grudge anymore. I feel free and happy and ready to take on whatever is thrown my way, because this situation just doesn't matter anymore. It DOESN'T define me or my future. God had no part of the situation planned out in my future. Who am I to plan my future anyway? God's already got this! 
Now? On to bigger and better things! My GOD is BIGGER than my problems! My GOD is BIGGER than my fears! My GOD is BIG enough to handle anything that is thrown my way! 

How big are you letting your GOD be in your life? 

Keep the faith, 

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