Have You Seen Jesus, my Lord? ::Clarity

There are several places I like to go to get clarity and ponder about faith, God, Jesus, and well, everything. Usually they consist of outside in the country (home), church camp and even church. I think I have a new one to add to my list...the beach.

And really, it's not just anytime at the beach. Today, I was running around in the water, having a good time and not really thinking about anything.. However, we all went crab hunting tonight and we were walking along the beach, and letting the waves hit us. The high tide reminded me of God. This water, this powerful water that could take me under any minute if I lost my balance was God speaking to me. The song "Have You Seen Jesus, my Lord?" popped into my head. These lyrics specifically: "Have you ever stood at the ocean with the white foam at your feet? Felt the endless thundering motion? Then I say you've seen Jesus, my Lord." I'll admit, I've had a lot on my mind this last week. Things like changes I need to make, changes I'm going to make, where God is leading me, what He is asking me to do, why He is asking me, how I'm going to go through with it and so on... Tonight, I just got c l a r i t y from it all. I just don't understand how people can see the ocean, feel the waves and look out into the horizon and not see or feel God or even think He's real. He's everywhere! It's just so amazing to me.

Keep the faith!

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