Thankful --> Catch Up (x10)

1. I am thankful for my car. It gets me where I need to go and it's very nice.
2. I am thankful for my phone. It keeps me in touch with the people I really need to stay in touch with.
3. I am thankful for my iPod. I can listen to music and read a book on it all at the same time.
4. I am thankful for this past weekend. Twas the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!
5. I am thankful for My Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, sin would win.
6. I am thankful for my home. My parents work so hard to provide the life we live and I am very grateful for the security I get from this house.
7. I am thankful for electricity. I am sooo scared of the dark.
8. I am thankful for laughter. It truly is the best medicine.
9. I am thankful for my home congregation. It's so small and I am so comfortable there. I know anyone from there would be there for me in a heartbeat if I needed them.
10. I am thankful for THANKSGIVING! It's a time to get together with family, eat some home-cooking, and spend time with those you love the most.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!!
Get up early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade! 


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