Royal Wedding, of course!

So, I was just now able to actually sit down and watch the Royal Wedding. Thank goodness for DVR and re-runs! Here's a few things I liked/disliked about the wedding...

    I LOVED Kate's dress!! 

    I absolutely loved the sleeves on it! I want my wedding to be a vintage inspired wedding and I felt like her dress was somewhat vintage! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Prince Harry was looking Good!!

    Hey Prince Harry, I'm single!! :)

    I also LOVED the trees in the church that they used for decoration during the ceremony!
    (but I couldn't find a picture..sad day)

    What I didn't like what the kiss..it wasn't long enough! Can I get an amen? I would be wanting the first kiss with my new husband to be longer than 4 seconds!!
    What'd you think of the wedding??

    On a Mission for God,

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