Fantastic Weekend

Here's a recap of my weekend:

Shaylee's dance recital. (You can view videos on my Facebook)
Dinner at Panda Express w/ some great girls. (Did I mention that Chinese Food is the way to my heart?)

ABDC/Game night at Kaci's Apartment. We played Mad Gab, tell me what you think the next few words are? (I pull chews) ....did you get apple juice?? Kaci didn't either.  Love that girl.

Zoo w/ Alicia & her family and Shaylee. Great fun and a sunburn. :)
Fro Yo w/ Shaylee & Alicia

Bible Study w/ Shaylee & Alicia

Tomorrow is church & a great way to end a close to perfect weekend. :)

What was your weekend like?

On a mission for God,

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