Be Steady, Be Ready

This little blog post is inspired by tonight's sermon by the preacher at my home church. :)

We've all heard the story in Daniel 3. It's about King Nebuchadnezzar and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. But have we every really thought about it?

These three men were sentenced to death by fiery furnace by King Nebuchadnezzar. Do you remember why? It was because they would not break one of the commandments. Bowing down to another god. They knew who their God was and they were not about to trade Him in to please the king. So, the king sentenced them to death.

In verse 19, the king commanded the servants to heat the furnace seven times more than it was usually heated. SEVEN TIMES MORE. I'm guessing it was super hot! In verse 22, you see that the king's servants died because of the heat of the furnace while they were taking Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego to the furnace. It was so hot just standing by the furnace, it killed them. Crazy! In verse 25, one of the king's counselors pointed out to the king that he saw four men loose walking around in the midst of flames in the furnace. These four men were not hurt, they were just walking around like nobodys business. In verse 29, the king declares that no one should put down Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego's God. He saw that they were fully protected by their Lord and he wasn't about to go against Him.

In verse 27, it tells of how no harm came about them and how there wasn't even the smell of fire on their clothes. Which brings me to item #1, as said by the preacher, "God takes care of even the smallest detail...that's how great He is.

I believe the following items (#2 & #3) is how Shad, Mes, and Abed pleased God.. yes I gave them nicknames. :)

#2) BE STEADY (1 Cor. 15:58)
--If we have faith in God, we can be steady. (Eph. 6:10-11;13 -- 1 Cor. 16:13)

-- to preach and teach. (2 Tim. 4:1-2)
-- to tell others why you believe and obey God. (1 Pet. 3:15)
-- for when He comes again. (Matt. 24: 42-44)

DISCLAIMER: All credit for this post goes to my preacher. :) He's one smart cookie.

On a Mission for God,

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