25 things that make me happy.

I feel like sometimes a blog post about things that make you happy is something that is good for the soul! :)

25 Things:
1) When class is canceled.
2) A freshly balanced checkbook. It releases stress. :)
3) Getting to know people better. (Especially those I'm going to Germany with.)
4) Church by the lake. Amazing. (I felt God there.)
5) Scriptures popping out to me while I'm reading the Bible. It makes me not want to put it down.
6) Knowing everything is going to be okay.
7) Knowing God is in control of a situation. It's like a breath of fresh air.
8) Hearing people's testimonies. God works miracles.
9) Getting homework done way before it is due.
10) A clean room.
11) Pretty pictures.
12) Being myself.
13) Writing Thank You notes.
14) Singing.
15) Being organized.
16) Getting good news.
17) People smiling at you.
18) Talking to my mom and dad on the phone.
19) Knowing my summer is going to be spent serving God and others. I'm betting it's going to be the best summer of my life.
20) Hitting a high note.
21) Nataliee Stephanie Ayiana Kimbro. There is not a thing I wouldn't do for that little girl.
22) Hearing about my brother's accomplishments and exciting things for him. I'm so proud of that tall - little guy.
23) Knowing I get to go home and see my family this weekend. It's been 3 weeks!
24) Compliments from strangers.
25) Serving the only one and true God.

What makes you happy?

On a mission for God,


  1. haha... there are some great memories on this list...

    loving #20 :D

  2. there are, there are. #20 has to be one of my favorite memories from the trip. :)

  3. Ah! So optimistic! Loving it! :)
    #6 & #7 is what i needed to hear

  4. I'm trying to be optimistic! Being negative about situations doesn't help anything! :)