Rough Week..

Oh, this week has been rough. I had an Earth Science exam tonight that I have been studying for all week. To top it off, nothing I studied for the exam was on it. I did the best I could so I probably failed. If I failed, I'm going to have to drop the class. Dropping the class means I will drop down to 9 hours which would make me a part time student. This sucks!

Secondly, my friends and I were planning on moving into a condo next Fall. We were all excited and planning the decorations, until the man I was renting it from told me his daughter still wants to live there. Crushed. So, now we are back to square one.

However, this weekend will be grand! Tomorrow at 4, I am leaving with the mission trip group to go to Lake Tenkiller for our retreat. I can't wait to get out of Edmond!

How was your week?

On a mission for God,

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