Okay, so I decided to spice things up a little bit...

I would like to have more followers on my blog. So here's what I'm going to do...
Once my blog reaches 50 followers, I will give away the below print to the person who referred the 50th follower! It will just be the size of your basic picture, but I will frame it and send if off to ya.

Here's the photos: (you can choose from the two)...

So, ready settt...GO! Invite your friends to follow my blog and get a prize! Also, I created an etsy in effort to try and make a little more money for my trip to Germany! They are a little steep as of now, but I'm just trying to see what they would go for. I plan to take more scenic pictures tomorrow, so there are more to come!

Go visit my etsy!

On a mission for God,


  1. Love it!! I'm working on some things to do the same!! :D Love you!! And love those photos!!

  2. Thank you Lady!
    I took more today of the beautiful "country". Can't wait to get them edited.
    Love you too!