Shaylee Rae-Nay Kimbro

For those of you who don't know..

This is my cousin, Shaylee Kimbro, and she has been begging to me to write a blog about her. Ha. I'm sure she'll love the picture. You see, Shaylee is a special person. She is one of smartest but also one of the blondest people I know. Sometimes, this girl says the stupidest things. For instance:  "I've realized the later I stay up, the later I wake up the next day."
Shaylee and I live together in Edmond, where we attend school at UCO. This always makes for an interesting time. We always know how to make each other laugh and how to make each other mad. Yes, we fight like sisters but we are still close and we can get over arguments pretty quick. Next year, Shaylee will be leaving me to attend school at USAO, but I know she will do great. It's what God is calling her to do, so she has to do it. Although we will be several miles apart, I know we will still be close and it'll probably still just be like we live together.
Love you Shay!

In Him,

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