Sorry I have not blogged in a while. Things have definitely been crazy with finals and Christmas. But, hopefully I'm back. :)

So, finals went pretty good. I ended semester better than what I thought I would so that's always nice.

But Christmas was amazing! I got the main thing I wanted, which was a Nikon. So, I am very pleased. Christmas was definitely a time that was well spent with family and family friends. But now that everything is over with, I am wore out. Luckily, this year I will not be spending New Years Eve on the couch with mom and dad, I will be traveling to Duncan to spend it with my best friend Jacqui. Not that I don't love hanging out with Mom and Dad, I just really need to get out of the house this year.

Here are a few pictures of Christmas that I took with my Nikon.

My brother in his Union Suit (pajamas) with his new bow from "Santa".

Pecan Pies my mom made.  

Shooting his new gun that I got him for Christmas. 

My beautiful mother cheesing it up.  

My dad playing the Wii.  

Nataliee trying to decorate the tree.  

Nataliee giving my mom kisses.  

Frosty the Snowman. :) 

My mom and Uncle in their Christmas Hats.

"Un-traditional" Christmas Dinner.  

Nataliee kissing Frosty.

While the pictures aren't showing all the family because everyone was actually over on Christmas Eve and that's when we had the real celebration, and they aren't showing all the presents they got, these are the moments I enjoyed this Christmas.

How was your Christmas and what were your favorite moments?

In Him,

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