I feel like I've been faced with a challenge. Yesterday, as I was sitting in my Speech class a friend and I were talking to a kid in our presentation group. This kid is from Japan. Somehow, we got on the subject of religion and asked him what his religion was. He said that he practices "Shintoism". We asked what they believe and basically they believe that there is power through wind, rain, thunder, etc. So, mother nature. This sparked my interest. We then asked if he had ever been to church and he said no, but he kind of wants to experience that. *a bell went off in my head.* Then my friend went to ask him if he believed in Jesus. He said he believed in Jesus and that he died on the cross. However, he does not believe that Jesus was resurrected. *bummer* We asked him why. He stated that he knows that in the Bible it says that He was, but the Bible was also written by man and that it could have been changed over the years and words could of gotten lost in translation, basically. *uh-oh, how do I rebuttal that?* We didn't exactly know how to rebuttal that, because it was written by man. But, do I believe some of the Bible has been lost in translation? Absolutely not! Well, today I spoke with my mom regarding this and she reminded of a scripture that says that "the Bible is God-breathed." *ring, ring, ring. Why couldn't I remember that yesterday?* Anyways, I feel like God has placed this as a challenge in my life to help this kid find Jesus and the way. Hopefully, through prayer, I can do this. So, I am asking you, readers. Please pray for this "challenge" to lead this kid to Christ. He has already taken the first step by believing, but I don't think he believes completely just yet.

"All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."
- 2 Timothy 3: 16-17

"I, even I, have spoken; yes, I have called him. I will bring him, and he will succeed in his mission." - Isaiah 48:15

Our God is AWESOME!

In Him,

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  1. Girl, you are in my prayers. This is such a great opportunity to show how wonderful and awesome our God is! I love you!