It Was Harder Than It Sounded..

Remember my last blog about fasting?
Well, I did it.
Yesterday, I tried fasting to see what it would do for my relationship with God.
What did I fast from you ask?
It was way harder than I expected it to be. Sadly, I only lasted 19 hours, not the whole 24 like I originally planned. After fasting, I was left discouraged. I didn't feel any different in my relationship with God and then only thing I got out of it was that I was super super hungry and I had a headache.
Next time I fast, I believe it will be from something like Facebook or texting, or maybe school? Okay, maybe not really from school, but I wish I could!

If you've fasted before, comment below and tell me about it if you don't mind. Tell me what you fasted from, how long you fasted for, and what you got out of it. I wanna see if I'm missing something.

God bless,

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