If I Just Realize....

So, I have this really wise friend Alicia who I mention a lot in my blog and we got together the other night because I hadn't seen her in a while.. Well, we started talking about Christ-centered relationships and dating, like we usually do and this got me thinking. I am so busy wishing and praying for that "someone" to come into my life, that I'm almost to the point where I'm contradicting what I really want in a future husband. Now, I'd be willing to say that I believe most of us single ladies have done this before, just in fantasy. I have to admit, I've been crushing on this guy for a while and not really sure where God wanted me to go with it. I've been praying and having dreams about it, so I thought maybe God was trying to tell me to do something, like maybe I was supposed to take the first step. I even realized that I began contradicting who I was a person to be the person I though he would want. A big NO, NO.  But tonight, I realized something...this is not someone who I would desire to marry. Yes, he's the same faith but I know for a fact that there is one MAJOR thing we don't agree on - instruments in the church. This is something that I believe with ALL my heart that should not be used in worship but that is something to be saved for another blog. When I take a deep look at what I want for a husband (which mainly happened tonight after I watched the Bachelor), I not only want someone who will be a GREAT dad to my children, but someone who has a burning passion for God and is more in love with God then he is with me. Someone who is not only the leader of the household but the spiritual leader. As Alicia and I were talking about this, I realized how IMPORTANT it is that my "future" husband and myself agree upon beliefs, if not all , then most. My "future" children shouldn't have to choose between mommy and daddy's beliefs, while I believe they should figure out what that believe about Christianity, they need a good "base" to mold and shape them. I'm so very glad God revealed this to me.

For you single ladies, what are your thoughts on this?

In Him,


  1. Cherish, I am curious as to your comment of -- instruments in the church? -- i know that stems from the Church of Christ denomination, but I am curious as to your take on the issue. Maybe some scripture support would be helpful??

    I'm not claiming to disagree or agree with you.. just interested in your convictions. Seems to be a pretty big issue to you; to me its more of a secondary doctrine. but anyways. let me know what you think would ya?

  2. Also, Catching up on some of your blogs.... you really seem to be struggling with "finding the perfect guy" --let me be honest with you. He's not out there. The only perfect guy came and died, and rose again 2000 years ago; apart from him we are all sinners and no one will ever be that perfect match. def something i myself had to learn. It is definitely in Gods timing, but if you will look at the relationship from a Biblical worldview; we see the example of Christ and His Church. The male in the relationship is to represent Christ and the female the church. We both know that we do not pursue Christ, he pursues the Church -- 1 john 4.19 we love because he first loved us. -- so, you shouldn't be pursuing anyone. the guy should be pursuing you. -- now the world, will tell me (and you) were crazy, and that its ludicrous but we are called to be a people set apart-- so sometimes, we look crazy and like fools, but in reality we are wise. Not to say that you should be completely stagnant, but you should be preparing yourself for marriage and rejoicing in your singleness! Paul tells us singleness is a gift of God -- cherish it! You are right to determine your desires in a husband, but you should also be wise to know that no man will ever be perfect -- the important factors -- are is he regenerate, a real believer, and lover of Christ? -- is he actively serving the Church? -- is he repentant? -- is he respectful of me and my body? and other women? and other womens body? -- wat are the words on his tongue? do they honor God? questions of that nature.. does that make sense??

    this is a really great link when that times comes-- but until then, I would encourage you to rejoice in your singleness...


    this is a second link to a sermon by Dr. John Piper -- hes a great man of God. I really enjoy everything i read and hear from him! I would encourage you to listen to it if you ever have some time! maybe it will be beneficial to ya!


    also, dont loose hope! i was def where you are not too long ago!! just keep praying, fixing your sight upon Christ, and being content in Him!
    hope all is well!