Wonderful God-filled weekend.

So, this weekend all my roommates went home and it was my weekend to not go home, so I quickly devised a plan. I invited all my girls over from OC and we have a weekend long sleepover.

I think this weekend all made us get closer and made us all realize who really is in control, God.
We had several good conversations regarding God and his amazing grace.

Hopefully, I can go into further detail sometime soon when I get the pictures from this weekend, but for now I just had to say that:

1) God is GREAT!
2) He has truly blessed me with some wonderful people in my life.
3) I am so privileged to serve Him.

In Him,

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  1. I love you, Cherish!! It truly was an amazing and fun weekend. All of it has made me think twice about the lifestyle I currently posses. You are an inspiration to me and I pray that we can all continue to grow in our relationships with one another and with our God. I pray you have a wonderful day - sorry for having to run last night before say bye to you!