& this makes me happy

What makes me happy: (here lately)

1) Listening to nothing but AIRONE radio and Christian music.

2) Being a much happier person.

3) Growing closer with some of the best friends a girl could have.

4) Feeling like God is finally showing me my purpose.

5) Knowing God is working through me to spread His word and help those who are struggling.

6) Getting 2 new pairs of jeans.

7) Spending countless time in Mardel.

8) Spending time with family.

9) Gummy worms.

10) Grande Caramel Machiotto.

11) My little cousin, Nataliee. (God truly sent me an angel.)

12) Road Trips.

13) Deep Conversation.

14) Getting new Bible tabs.

15) Getting mail.

16) Smiling faces.

17) Funny profile pictures on Facebook.

18) Getting a Test Review from my professors.

19) Going to the college class at Memorial Road on Wednesdays.

20) Following God and trying to be a better Christian (whole-heartedly). I have never felt something so freeing.

What makes you happy??

In Him,


Listen To >> Forgiven by Sanctus Real


  1. That is such an attractive picture... my oh my!!

  2. hahaha... i know... :)

  3. Aww. I like this post. I need to see you next time I come to Oklahoma again, yes?

  4. What makes me happy? When I yell out someones name to say hello and they don't keep walking away. ; )