Spiritual High

I arrived home from Camp Lu-Jo today and as of right now you could say I am on a "spiritual high". I love the feeling of being "high" on Jesus. My goal now is to make sure I keep this "high" up. So far, so good. If you have ever been to Lu-Jo you know how amazing that place it is. I like to call it my "Heaven on Earth", because it is what I somewhat imagine Heaven to be like. I imagine angels to be singing non-stop and to constantly feel a "closeness" to God.

Even though I was on staff this year, I still feel like I learned a lot and I cannot wait to put what I learned to good use.

I think the most important lesson that I learned this week was to fully trust in God. I guess that corny little acronym finally makes sense.

F- Fully
R- Rely
O- On
G- God

I admit my patience with God was tested this week, and I felt awful to even think of being angry at God. I talked to Him, we worked it out!

Well, that is all for now!

In Him,

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  1. It's so hard to slip back into reality where we are not as "safe"!! I'm so not ready for this week, but I'm going to FROG and just pray that I can handle it! I'll be praying for you too!