Practicing Patience

As I was reading in my Bible tonight, I came across a little excerpt that kinda encouraged me with what I have been struggling with lately, patience.

It said the following: (with a little tweaking, because it is my Bible from high school.)

-Patience- Psalm 40:1-3
"It's difficult to wait. You might even feel like you're becoming an expert at it - waiting to get that certain job, waiting to hear results from a medical test you just had, waiting to get married, or waiting for that certain someone to come along. Waiting is even worse when you're stuck in a difficult situation - a slimy pit that you need help escaping. So what's the quick fix? Sorry, Charlie, you've gotta wait it out. God knows your situation, but he has something for you to learn in the process. So keep waiting and start learning. Your patience will be rewarded. Guaranteed."

Does that not make you feel better? It does me.

God already knows what we are stuggling with and waiting for. He has our whole life panned out, we just have to trust that He will come through for us and our patience will be rewarded.

What I'm looking forward to: Starting my Sophomore year of college. Actually, I'm ready to start my Junior year, because I will most likely be at OC! (God does reward patience, I'm living proof!)

Scripture to read: Psalms 40: 1-3 (You look it up this time, I already know what it says.)

In Him,

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