Searching for God's Answer

Okay, so I've recently came across a situation where I'm being a "human" and wanting something to happen that may or may not be the best for me. I literally have no idea if it is good or if its going to happen. I've been praying pretty hard about it. Then came a bump in the road like there usually is and I became distraught and very upset. I started see a jealous side of myself that I absolutely hate. I don't like being a jealous person and not even 15 minutes ago, I just sat there and poured my heart out to God. So here I was sitting on Pinterest (my new favorite website, by the way) and a thought comes across my mind and suddenly I'm relieved of my jealousy. I'm reminded that what I'm thinking is happening really isn't because deep down in my heart I knew that what I was being jealous over was nothing to be, because more than likely it doesn't exist. It's amazing to me how God can answer a prayer so quickly and relieve me of this devilish emotion. While the major thing I've been praying for hasn't been answered, I'm still in a better state then what I was 15 minutes ago. Thank you God!

On a Mission for God,

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  1. I don't know what's going on but I'm here for you and you are in my prayers. I love you and miss you!! Come visit me sometime soon please!!