Childlike Innocence

So, I'm sure I've blogged about the innocence of a child before -- but childlike innocence is just something that I really love. I just love the idea of being so innocent to how this world is and how some things really are - that you are so carefree.

For instance, my home church's VBS was this week and I took my 3 year old cousin, Nataliee. This year I was a group leader and I had 3 year olds to Kindergarten kids. Let's just say that group is really hard to look after..especially when there are 18 of them!! Anyway, one night during class a very dear lady from our church was telling a Bible Story over Samuel and she dressed up in a robe to mimic the looks of Bible times. Well, at one point in the story, Nataliee look up at me and goes, "Is that God?" I absolutely loved that her mind isn't developed enough to realize that we can't see God and although He is here with us on earth, it's not the kind of way some of us would want Him to be here.

The 3rd night of VBS, a man from our church was telling a story over Joseph and he was wearing a robe as well. Again, Nataliee looked up at me with a questioned expression and said, "Is that Jesus?" Still with that same innocence. Of course, I couldn't explain to her right then and there that God & Jesus are up in Heaven -- but still here with us on earth.

"Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven." -Matthew 18:3

So, readers, what do you think? Is a childlike innocence a good thing to have or is it not something that you desire?

Think about it,

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  1. I love the idea of being a child... while maturing is something that we all desire and we want to be called mature, I know that I will never be fully developed and mature in my relationship with God. This morning in church I was just flipping pages to pass time (can I say that?) and I ran across a similar verse that made me think, can it really be that easy? I would love to have the mind frame of a child. While Natalie kept asking if it was God and Jesus, that made me jump to a song.

    "Give me your eyes for just one second
    Give me your eyes so I can see
    Everything that I keep missing
    Give me your love for humanity
    Give me your arms for the broken-hearted
    The ones that are far beyond my reach
    Give me your heart for the ones forgotten
    Give me your eyes so I can see"

    For all we know, the people that are standing on the side of the street with cardboard signs, could be Jesus today. With the eyes of a child and the heart of a child, we wouldn't doubt that we should be helping the poor. Children are indeed pure of heart in their giving and in their love for others.

    Love, love, love.