I'll Take Semester Grades for 500, Alex.

DISCLAIMER: The above title is pretty dorky, I know. But what can I say? I am a dork. You'll understand once you read the full blog. :)

So, I got my semester grades in! They are as follows:
A - Structures of Math
A - Technology for Teachers
C - Fundamentals of Literature
P - (stands for Pass.) Walking Fitness

Yeah, not the best grades in the world, but not the worst considering my other semesters! I do have to say that I was very proud of myself though! 2 A's! That has to be a record in college for me! It makes me feel like I actually am smart!

You see...I've been stuck in a rut this past semester...Here's why:
I went from a 4.0 in High School and being Valedictorian to a 2.3ish in College. I felt completely down about it, until I got the grades from this semester. I wasn't expecting one A, let alone 2! I CAN DO IT! I'm smart enough to make A's in college, I just have to BELIEVE in myself! I mean, do I think I could win Jeopardy (where title comes into play.) or go to Harvard? NO! But I'm smart enough to do good in college make A's. I haven't lost my intelligence from high school, I still have it. I just needed to be reminded of it!

With all of that being said and now that I've had an epiphany, I wanted to discuss something a little more serious. I'm leaving on my mission trip to Germany in 5 days! 5 days, crazy right?! I'm going to try my best to update my blog with reports while I'm there, but I think e-mail would be easier, so if you want a report while I'm gone, send me your e-mail and I'll send you a report, probably about once a week. That's my goal! Also, please pray for myself and the campaign group as we are over there spreading God's word through song and pray that God uses us to change lives!

On a Mission for God,


  1. Cherish! I am with you in the discouraging college difficulty thing... I was valedictorian too and now my grades are not that great. It's hard. But we can do it! Good job this semester!

    And you KNOW I want updates when you're in Germany!

  2. Thanks Mindi! :)
    I'll be getting you an e-mail update. :)

  3. Girl, you are smart! Grades do not define you. Congrats on your 2 A's! :D

    I want to be on your email list during your mission trip!!!